Angelus Medical Clinic is located at 1730 Dian Street, Barangay Palanan, Makati City 1235 Philippines.

7:30AM to 5:00PM

Mondays to Fridays except holidays

YES, for most tests. However, if your medical test package requires blood extraction at the laboratory like FBS, BUA, Total Cholesterol, Triglyceride and/or Lipid Profile, you have to report to the clinic before 10AM.

Click (STANDARD REQUIREMENTS) or please check/read instructions at the back of your referral form.

YES. Please take your contact lenses off at least one hour prior to conduct of medical exam and instead wear your eyeglasses. If you are a seafarer, bring at least two (2) sets of your commonly used eyeglasses.

NO. If you have a fasting requirement as part of your medical tests, adjust your time of intake – DO NOT TAKE YOUR MEDICATION DURING YOUR FASTING PERIOD but instead take your medication anytime before and/or after the fasting period.

YES - Only if you require the following tests:

  1. FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar)
  2. BUA (Blood Uric Acid)
  3. Total Cholesterol
  4. Triglyceride
  5. Lipid Profile


Take your meal 10-16 hours before your intended time of blood extraction. (Blood extraction at the clinic is between 7:30AM to 10AM.)

Note: The correct FASTING procedure is to NOT take/ingest any substance orally or by mouth within the Fasting Period. (eg: No Water, No Juice, No Alcohol, No Candies/Gum, No Smoking, etc.) Also, do not engage in sexual intercourse or any strenuous activities during this time. Get a good night sleep.

Wear clean, loose fitting, comfortable casual attire and shoes or proper sandals/slip-ons. (Also see CLINIC & BUILDING POLICIES for dress code don’ts.)

*For seafarers under OIL & GAS UK or MCA, please bring an extra T-shirt, a face towel, and wear rubber shoes.

An average number of test requirements for an individual is usually accomplished within one and a half (1.5) hours at our clinic.

It always helps to prepare for your clinic appointment by listing down everything you are supposed to bring, by eating right, and by getting enough rest and sleep. This way, your mind and body is in top condition on the day of your appointment.

For LANDBASED APPLICANTS: Availability of the hard copy results will take 2-3 working days (24 working hours) provided the following:

For SEABASED & LOCAL APPLICANTS: Availability of the hard copy results is on the following working day provided the following:

  1. That you were able to submit all the requirements for medical examination,
  2. You were able to complete all the tests within the day,
  3. And there are no abnormal or significant findings in the results.

NO. It will not have any short term effects related to your medical results. The effects of regular, moderate milk intake though, is long term and always beneficial.

NO. The Urine Sample is collected at the clinic.

NO. You need to undergo an X-ray test here along with all other required tests. If your most recent X-Ray was taken from another clinic, this may be useful for reference and comparative review only. We recommend that you bring them with you, if available.

  • YES - if you are a walk-in or private applicant, PEME results are released to you personally.
  • - if you are a “direct hire” from POEA who chose to be examined in our clinic and your test results show a FIT status.
  • - for an Agency-referred medical applicant; provided that you are issued an authorization to pick-up your FIT PEME
    Certificate by an Authorized person from the agency.

  • NO - if you are referred by a company or agency and your employer paid for your Medical Examination.
  • - if you are a direct hire from POEA and your test results show an UNFIT status.
  1. NO BAGS – bags are not allowed inside the clinic premises (you will be asked to leave your bags with the GF Lobby Guard. Leave your valuables at home if you do not wish to leave them with the building guard.
  2. NO EATING – eating is not allowed inside the clinic premises. You may bring a bottle of water but food is strictly prohibited.
  3. NO USHERS/GUIDES – if you are being accompanied by children, relatives, agency representatives, spouses, etc., they will have to wait for you at the GF waiting area behind the Angelus Plaza Building. They will not be allowed to accompany you while going through the medical examination process.
  4. DRESS CODE - Wear clean, loose fitting, comfortable casual attire and shoes or proper sandals/slip-ons. Pls. DO NOT wear sleeveless t-shirts, undershirts, shorts or rubber (T-shaped) slippers.